Cementos del Plata

Lime plant
Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, 2015 / 2016
Areas of specialization: Manufacturing Industry

Cementos del Plata S.A. is a company of the ANCAP group (the National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Administration of Uruguay) that markets and distributes cement, clinker and other products manufactured by the ANCAP Portland Division.

Cementos del Plata

In 2013, CDP started the construction of a new lime production plant in the province of Treinta y Tres.

The new plant has a rotary kiln and FLS technology deployed in an area of ​​25 hectares, producing 500 tons of lime per day, reaching a capacity of 650 tons/day in conjunction with the first 150 t/d plant. Total production is supplied to Brazil where it is used to inhibit the acid rain produced by the thermoelectric plant located in Candiota.