Del Litoral

17,4MWp photovoltaic solar plant
Salto, Uruguay, 2017
Areas of specialization: EPCRenewableSolar Photovoltaic Energy

The project is located in the Province of Salto, about 4 km east of the Daymán thermal springs (Termas del Daymán).

Del Litoral

The Del Litoral Photovoltaic Plant is an electric energy generation project associated to a UTE (the government-owned electricity company in Uruguay) tender to ensure the purchase of the energy generated through a 30-year PPA contract.

Installed power is 16MW measured at the inverter output, resulting in a projected annual generation of approximately 25,456 MWh. This generation is equivalent to the consumption of about 8,000 homes, which could be supplied with 100% renewable energy.   To reach the mentioned power output, 54,560 310-315 Wp photovoltaic modules with follower technology were installed, along with eight power stations equipped with inverters and over 260 km of cables that make up the internal low and medium voltage network.   The connection of the park is made through two substations (an own one and a second one owned by UTE), with cells at 31.5kV and a 31.5 kV MV line of approximately 5 km in length which connects to the UTE ES 2059 Daymán substation, which was also modified and enlarged to receive this new connection.