El Naranjal

54MWp photovoltaic solar plant
Salto, Uruguay, 2017
Areas of specialization: EPCRenewableSolar Photovoltaic Energy

The project is located in the Province of Salto, about 6 km northeast of the Salto Grande dam, in one of the areas with the highest solar irradiance in the country.

El Naranjal

The El Naranjal Photovoltaic Park is an electric energy generation project associated to a UTE (the government-owned electricity company in Uruguay) tender that would ensure the purchase of the energy generated through a 30-year PPA contract.

To reach 50MW of power, 184,160 310-315 Wp photovoltaic modules with follower technology were installed, along with 25 power stations to raise the voltage to 31.5kV and approximately 700 km of cables that make up the internal low and medium voltage network.   The connection of the park is made through two substations: a transformation substation (150kV/31.5kV), and a connection and measurement substation with a 150 kV 7 km high voltage line that connects to the Salto Grande Uruguay (SGU) substation.   This project has represented a significant milestone not just for Salto but for the whole country, as it is the first project with follower technology installed in Uruguay, together with the 17MWp Del Litoral park. Furthermore, large-scale photovoltaic generation is framed within the national energy policy of energy diversification and development of renewable energies.