INGENER, the leading engineering and construction company in Uruguay dedicated to conducting power generation and transmission projects, strengthened its position in Argentina’s renewable energy area by signing a contract with CP Renewables, subsidiary of Central Puerto. The purpose of this contract is to build the electricity infrastructure of the “La Genoveva I “(87 MW) and” La Genoveva II “(42 MW) wind farms, located near the city of Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires.

Central Puerto is the largest power generation company in Argentina. This company is developing a successful policy of expansion in the renewable energy market with 371 MW awarded through the La Castellana (I & II), Achiras (I & II) and La Genoveva (I & II) wind farms.

Regarding the latter, over the next 13 months INGENER will build the substation that will link the two wind farms to the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI). This will be made by means of the existing 132kV overhead line, which connects the transformer stations of Coronel Pringles and Bahía Blanca.

CP Renovables was awarded the La Genoveva I and II wind farm projects during Round 2 of the renovar and mercado a término de energías renovables programs respectively. It is expected these farms will begin operations in June 2019.

INGENER, established in Argentina since 2016, is building the infrastructure of the La Banderita wind farm under a contract with GRUPO FRALI. The company has also established itself in the thermal generation industry, where it has completed the electro-mechanical assembly and commissioning of the 250MW Matheu power plant, for APR Energy, and the electrical assembly of 240 MW Matheu II and 120 MW Lujan power stations, for Araucaria Energy.