Operation and maintenance services at ANCAP plants: ANCAP called for bids and awarded Ingener the industrial and electrical maintenance services for three plants located in Juan Lacaze, Paysandú and on José Ignacio’s East Terminal (crude oil reception plant through the buoy). We hope that from these contracts onwards, we can soon provide more services to one of the top energy companies in the country in other areas of expertise we are proficient in.


Recently, Costa Urbana Shopping has partially entrusted the operation and maintenance of its facilities to Ingener. This service is provided by integrating Ingener onsite staff to the in-house team. Although this is a first step, it is positive being able to continue supporting the development of this important activity center for the area.


On a different note, but also in the commercial and service sector, Ingener has completed the works on equip fishing port facilities of the Punta del Este shores, with electrical distribution and water supply pedestals for the vessels. These facilities are controlled by a remote metering, monitoring and management (SCADA) system also developed by Ingener. After this project, the Dirección Nacional de Hidrografía (DNH), awarded Ingener a new contract for the electrical distribution and water supply pedestal maintenance service. With these new facilities, the DNH can bill each vessel for their actual consumption at mooring and users may enable or disable the pedestal assigned to them with their mobile phone.


We are currently providing the following services in the private sector: medium voltage substation maintenance of the Frigorífico Tacuarembó meat packing plant; corrective maintenance works on the medium and low voltage network in Ecolat industrial plant (formerly known as Parmalat), located in Colonia Suiza, and the operation and maintenance of scrap wood manufacturing process in Montes del Plata pulp mill, located in the town of Conchillas, province of Colonia.



Ecolat (a dairy industry company, formerly known as Parmalat, located in Colonia Suiza) has designed a major five-year growth plan for the extension of its plant. This extension will require to increase UTE’s power supply and to readapt the internal medium voltage network of the plant. For this purpose, Ingener undertook a contract from Ecolat for developing the associated high and medium voltage engineering to carry out the new interconnection to the national 60 kV grid. This contract includes a new UTE 60 kV connection and metering substation and Ecolat’s own 60/15 kV step-down substation.



Ingener continues to set the benchmark in the power transmission sector, having been awarded two turnkey (EPC) contracts for interconnecting privately-owned renewable-energy power generators to the 150 kV grid. The first contract is connected to the 50 MW Estrellada wind farm, located in the town of Arbolito, in the province of Melo, built by a German company called Juwi and operated by the Italian power distribution company ENEL. The second contract is related to the La Jacinta photovoltaic plant located near the city of Salto, which was developed by FRV (Fotowatio Renewable Ventures), a Spanish renewable energy company, which will operated it after the construction. Our work includes the construction of the 150 kV connection and metering substation for the new interconnection to the national grid, the medium voltage collector substation and the step-up substation for the power station. Both contracts comprise the executive engineering, civil works, supply of all the power, control, protection and metering electro-mechanical equipment, and erection works and commissioning provided by Ingener.


The construction company Isolux has won a contract for the sanitation works in the west of Montevideo and, within this context, outsourced to Ingener the electro-mechanical assembly of the main pre-treatment plant and the six secondary pumping stations for the new system. The project includes the assembly of mechanical bar screens, screw conveyors and grit chambers, floodgates, valves, effluent pumps, and the manufacturing and assembly of piping sets associated with each of the plants.


SOMOS, Ingener Newsletter, Issue No.9.