Ingener is working with turnkey civil works and electric infrastructure contracts amounting to 100 MW.

Ingener is an engineering and construction company in Uruguay that, despite the competitive market, acquired important contracts with local investors.


This company is currently working in thermal power plants, executing electric and mechanical projects amounting to 600 MW for companies that have been awarded the Resolution call 1/2016.


Ingener is currently under negotiations with different companies on Round 1.0 and 1.5 renewable energy projects and has already been awarded turnkey civil and electrical infrastructure contracts amounting to100 MW.


What is Ingener’s secret? It is not only competitive in price but also in terms of execution, without compromising safety.


Alejandro Hunko, Business Development Manager in Argentina, explained how Ingener has increased its market share.


“Our insertion in the local market has been achieved through the experience and trust gained with our customers and technology manufacturers. Beginning in 2016 we decided to actively participate in the different auctions that the national government has completed, both in thermal power plants and renewable energy power stations.


“A great example of this is the 250 MW Matheu power plant project, located at Pilar, province of Buenos Aires, which belongs to APR Energy, an American company. In Uruguay, Ingener has previously successfully executed a similar project for them and, for the Matheu project, we are currently delivering the electro-mechanical erection of the equipment, their maintenance and the connection to the 132kV network.


“We could say that Ingener is not only competitive in price but also in delivery time. Since our clients must meet the energization dates agreed with the government, they turn to suppliers that have a solid background, a strong in house engineering team and a track record of on-time execution without compromising safety, quality or the environment. And Ingener stands out in all of these areas.


“Our policy is to offer our customers the operation and maintenance of the facilities we build and deliver. We are convinced that this tells our clients that we are here to help them with their long-term industrial and commercial development.


“Our company’s management has great ambitions for growth in Argentina as the projections for the market evolution over the next 5 years is very positive; we see business opportunities in the transmission, distribution and generation segments.” Ingener’s business operations in Argentina will clearly surpass those in Uruguay in the coming years.


In the short term, the shutdown of the combined cycles and cogeneration will allow the construction company to continue working with its current customers. “We have no doubt that round 2.0 will be successful but at the same time, very competitive in prices, and with new players who will need companies with experience in the area to give them the confidence to run projects with the lowest possible risk.”


In the long run, Ingener is expected to participate in the new combined cycle plants and the 500 kV transmission network upgrade projects.


Recently, the Ministry of Energy called a new phase, where it launched the PPA (power purchase agreements) and opened business ventures between private companies.


“We are interested in the forward market for renewable energy; we are already advising some clients on the most suitable technology and power equipments to meet their needs. From the beginning, Ingener’s engineering department is involved in developing the solution, since these projects are smaller but take longer to develop. In these forward market projects we work especially with developers and future suppliers of renewable energies.”


Ingener also has expansion strategies and conquers markets in the region. “We are assessing projects in the rest of Latin America, working with global companies that have already trusted us in Uruguay. Although there are countries such as Uruguay that already have a significant number of renewable projects in operation, there are others in South America that still have much to do. In the short term, we will try to bring them our experience and capacity in construction engineering,” concludes Hunko.


About Ingener:

Ingener is an O&M engineering, construction and services company with a strong presence in Uruguay, operating in Argentina and Bolivia since 2016 through EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contracts. Its areas of expertise are the execution of turnkey projects such as medium and low voltage substations, and conventional and renewable energy power stations.


This company was first established in Uruguay and has grown steadily, reaching a preferred status in the Uruguayan market.


In its home country, Ingener has actively participated in renewable energy projects. Out of a total of 1500 MW of renewable energy, Ingener took part in over 200 MW of wind power projects and 150 MW of solar energy projects, as well as in the main high-voltage infrastructure works.


Although the amount of renewable energy projects has decreased today in Uruguay, as the country’s objectives have been achieved, Ingener is still involved in the operation and maintenance of the wind farms and photovoltaic power stations in operation there.


Source: Revista Energía & Negocios No.254 2017