With an investment of over US$500 million, the project involves the installation and erection of the first 530 MW combined-cycle power plant, powered by fuel oil or natural gas, in Uruguay. The new combined-cycle power plant consists of two gas turbines with their respective heat recovery boilers and a steam turbine to make up a total power output of 530 MW. The generators are connected, through three 13 kV/150 kV 300 MVA power transformers, to a new 14-bay, 150 kV GIS substation which will also be connected to the existing 300 MW plant by means of 150 kV cables. The 150 kV GIS output is connected to two new T3 and T4 transformers located in the existing 500/150/31.5 kV substation. With this upgrading at the substation, the whole power plant (new combined cycle and existing gas turbines) can evacuate over 800 MW.


Our Work:

Ingener received a turnkey contract from Siemens to run the electro-mechanical assembly for the 31.5 kV/150 kV/500 kV interconnection at the new power plant. The project involved upgrading the 500 kV substation where a new section with three circuit-breaker bays was installed, and an existing section was also upgraded with another three circuit-breaker bays. Two 500/150 kV 300MVA single-phase autotransformers banks were erected with the respective treatment and oil filling. We carried out the assembly of gantries and equipment supports comprising more than 300 t of metal structures; the installation of the busbars, switchgears, switchboards, and power and control wiring, up until the start-up. Within our scope of supply, we also executed the electro-mechanical assembly, the wiring of the new 14-bay 150 kV GIS substation, the pulling and connection of over 6000 m of 150 kV cables for interconnecting the plant with the GIS and with the 500 kV substation. Ingener also upgraded the 150 kV substation at the existing plant in two new sections.