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Fray Bentos, Uruguay, 2005/2007
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UPM - Planta Botnia


Botnia, the second producer of cellulose pulp in Europe and owner of five mills in Finland, began the construction of its first pulp mill in Uruguay in early 2003, when Botnia acquired 60% of Compañía Forestal Oriental.
The company was established in Uruguay as Botnia S.A.
In May 2005, Ingener joins a select group of national and international companies to perform engineering works in four key areas of the project:

– Full electro-mechanical assembly for the Pulp Drying Machine, serving as subcontractor to Andritz company. For 9 months, 169 technicians performed the installation of the pulp drying machine, which had an installed capacity of 22MVA. The work included the installation of over 15,000 m cable trays; 270,000 m cables; 1,200 motors; 10,000 connections; 1,800 instrumentation Ioops; 3,000m stainless steel instrumentation piping; totaling more than 180,000 man-hour work.

– Balance of Plant (BOP) electro-mechanical assembly, serving as contractor to Botnia. For 10 months, 85 technicians performed various BOP-related works including the installation of more than 22,500 cable trays; 123,000 m cables; 100 m busbar trunking systems; 3,000 connections, UPS mounting; totaling over 85,000 man-hour work.

– HV and MV electrical distribution installation, serving as subcontractor to Vaasa engineering OY’s. For 7 months, 25 technicians performed the erection of the 150 kV substation, the GIS connecting two 33kV Siemens generators, the 22kV indoor distribution substation (57 bays), and the provision of metallic structures for the 150kV substation and MV cable. In addition, Ingener mounted a 1x63MVA-150/33kV transformer, two 2x85MVA – 33/11, 5kV transformers; fifty eight 33 kV metal-enclosed switchgears (SF6, GIS); AC and DC auxiliary services; totaling over 20,000 man-hour work.

– Design, detailed engineering, execution and commissioning of the temporary medium voltage network, perimeter and road lighting. Management of the temporary electrical network. For 28 months, 32 technicians performed the installation of LV substations for supplying power to the plant 24 hours a day. Features of the installation: three 2000 KVA substations; three 1000 KVA substations; one 630 KVA substation; one 200 KVA substation; stringing of 40,000 m of cables; mounting of sixty temporary switchboards; installation of 900 light fixtures; totaling over 75,000 man-hour work.