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Ingener –Uruguay´s largest electrical infrastructure construction company- provides expertise in engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M) for the service, energy and industrial sectors.

Ingener’s industry-leading history allows it to offer a comprehensive vision of the client’s projects, being able to provide both design and execution, as well as commissioning and subsequent operation and maintenance.

The company was founded in 1998 as a provider of O&M services in electromechanical installations. These 25 years have been of constant growth and expansion, consolidating itself as a leader in the Uruguayan market for engineering and construction, with regional projection.

With operations in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, Ingener has participated in more than 1,400 MW of power generation projects, mainly in the wind, solar photovoltaic and thermal power generation sectors; and more than 30 high and extra-high voltage substations, where it executes EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts, solving the works of electrical interconnection to the grid, electromechanical infrastructure, civil works, assembly, commissioning and O&M services, to guarantee the availability of the facilities during their commercial operation.

The execution of all stages of the project is carried out in accordance with Ingener’s quality and safety management system procedures, certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.



To gain recognition from our clients and the market in general as the most technically and ethically reliable engineering and construction company, with a culture of service that builds lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, and staff, and bets on the continuing success of you and your customers.


We are an engineering company specializing in the delivery of construction, operation and maintenance solutions, that works efficiently and functionally to fulfill our clients’ needs, supporting them in the continuity, reliability, efficiency, security and growth of their operations.


  • Human dignity

    The company values individuals as unique and irreplaceable, with developed personal qualities, potential qualities to cultivate, competencies and needs. Within the available means, the firm tends to the development and fulfillment of people’s skills, within a framework of respect, appreciation and equal opportunities.

  • Culture of service

    A strong service-oriented attitude requires that the company puts the others (clients, colleagues, suppliers, the community, business partners, etc.) front and center, by understanding their needs and expectations, satisfying them to the best of its abilities. For those needs and expectations that cannot be met today, the company seeks to ethically and sustainable make them possible in the immediate future. All this is performed with enthusiasm, conviction, proactivity and positivity.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is about balancing the manufacture of goods and the provision of services aimed to meet the needs of the current population, the generation of economic wealth, the adequate use of the natural environment and its resources, and environmental stewardship. We strive to make the company grow, generating well-being for the current staff and laying the foundations for INGENER to continue to be a source of work for future generations. The company must be an example to follow and an organization where people want to work.

  • Continuous improvement

    We are committed to adding value to the company and its clients through the continuous improvement of work processes and procedures, as a basic requirement to adequately position the company and adapt to the permanent changes in the market.

  • Responsibility and reliability

    Responsibility means meeting all our commitments, whether internal or external. The result of our achievements must correspond to the commitments of the organization. Responsibility entails reliability. A responsible person and/or organization is reliable; trust generates a pleasant productive work environment.

    In addition, “state of the art” knowledge is also important; that is,the knowledge of the latest technological developments which are already proven in the industry, and accepted and implemented by different manufacturers, universities and acknowledged institutions.


President and CEO

President and CEO
Daniel Vázquez

Executive Director of Ingener since 2008. He became President in 2011 after the death of the firm’s founder, Don Omar Braga. He was born in Uruguay and holds an Electrical Engineer degree from the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay. Professor of Electrical Engineering I and II, Faculty of Engineering, University of Montevideo (2000-2003). Member of the board of trustees of the Uruguayan Construction Industry Chamber, the Uruguayan Christian Association of Business Managers and the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Uruguay.


Gastón Braga

Member of the board of directors and operation manager since the establishment of the company until 2019. He was born in Uruguay and holds an Industrial Mechanical Engineering degree from the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Director and Finance and Administration Manager

Director and Finance and Administration Manager
Carolina Duhart

Member of the board of directors and Finance and Administration Manager since the establishment of the company, in 1998. She was born in Uruguay and graduated as Public Accountant from the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Operations Manager

Operations Manager
Diego Invernizzi

Born in Uruguay, he holds a degree in Systems Analysis from the ORT University of Uruguay and a master's degree in Project Management. He joined Ingener in 2003 and developed his career within the company until he reached the position of Commercial Manager and became the main developer of the internationalization process. In January 2018, he took over as head of business in Argentina. Since 2019 he is in charge of Ingener's Operations Management.

Country Manager Argentina

Country Manager Argentina
Alejandro Hunko

He is an Argentinean electrical engineer who graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and holds an MBA in Economics, Strategy and Marketing from IDEA. For nearly 20 years he was the Director of the Energy Division at ABB in Argentina. In June 2017, he joined INGENER as Business Development Manager in Argentina. Since 2020 he is the Head of the business for Argentina.

Business Manager

Business Manager
Santiago Tosar

Born in Uruguay. He holds a degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineer from the University of the Republic of Uruguay and a Master's degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Maryland (USA) as a Fulbright Scholar. He joined Ingener in 2011 in the Engineering office, and since 2019 has served as the Business Manager of the company. He is a Professor at the University of Montevideo, where he teaches a course on Hydromechanical Machines, and at the Catholic University of Uruguay, where he teaches a course on Thermal Machines.

Technical Manager

Technical Manager
Fernando Correa

Born in Uruguay, he is an Electrical Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay. He served as Construction Manager at Ingener from 2007 to 2019, leading the company's operations in all its construction projects. From 2019 he took the responsibility for the Technical Management of the company.

O&M Service Manager

O&M Service Manager
Lucía Addiego

Electrician engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Republic. She joined Ingener in 2009 in the area of Technical Services. In 2014, she started her activity as part of Ingener's O&M Services team, which she has led since 2017. She taught the courses Measures and Protections in Electrical Power Systems (2013) and Low Voltage Electrical Installations (2014) at the Catholic University of Uruguay. Member of the board of directors of the Uruguayan Renewable Energy Association.

Corporate Services Manager

Corporate Services Manager
Luciano Cabana

Born in Uruguay. He holds a Law degree from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He joined Ingener in 2007 as head of the Human Resources area. Between 2016 and 2022 he served as Legal Manager of the company. Sinc 2022 he holds the position of Corporate Services Manager. He is a Professor of Labor Law at the University of The Enterprise (UDE) and has published several articles and lectures on this subject. He is a member of the Legal and Human Relationship group of the Uruguayan Construction Industry Chamber.



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