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We are an engineering, construction, operation and maintenance company. We are committed to:

    • Ensure our clients’ satisfaction by understanding their needs and expectations 
    • Comply with requirements in accordance with our Code of Ethics, complying with applicable regulations and accepted commitments. 
    • Ensure safety, detecting activities that might be hazardous to the safety and health of people as part of our work, assessing risks and taking appropriate actions to eliminate, prevent and inform.
    • Protect the environment in which we operate, preventing pollution, in particular by properly managing our waste and run-off and complying with procedures and management plans.

Continuously improve our management system aimed at optimizing our performance in environmental matters, occupational safety and health, and in our processes. 

Comprehensive Management Policy


Our company has set environmental, quality, and occupational health and safety management systems in all the activities of the company. We have been awarded the following certificates:

    • UNIT-ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems for the design, execution and operation of electro-mechanical and civil works. Awarded to Ingener Uruguay.
    • UNIT-ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems for the design, execution and operation of civil and electro-mechanical works. Awarded to Ingener Uruguay.
    • UNIT-ISO 9001:2015 for the design, execution and operation of civil and electro-mechanical works. Maintenance of electro-mechanical facilities and operation of wastewater process plants. Awarded to Ingener Uruguay.
    • ISO 9001-2015 Design, execution and commissioning of civil and electromechanical works for the energy sector, for Ingener Argentina.


UNIT-ISO 9001-2015

UNIT-ISO 45001-2018

UNIT-ISO 14001-2015



Ingener has a commercial and professional purpose but recognizes that the company is also a part of society and is committed to this larger community.

We have decided to focus our social responsibility activities on one of the most relevant issues for any community: education.

Due to our professional profile and our belief that development springs from knowledge and innovation, Ingener supports and encourages proposals for comprehensive quality education, which value individuality and a sense of belonging, encourage personal and collective development and help build a more humanitarian and fair society.


Ingener is promoting the transition to e-mobility in Uruguay, trusting in the transformation of the energy matrix proactively through the use of electric vehicles.

Thus, Ingener has the opportunity to validate the electric vehicle technology and its purpose, confirm the most efficient way of using the charging system considering its rates and to promote cultural change in the use of electric vehicles, breaking down preconceptions and betting on change.

It is possible to create a synergy among companies, sharing experiences and difficulties, adding value so e-mobility strengthens in the region. The pilot test is carried out by taking part in the project MOVÉS and DYP